Lucas Löf / Designer and Art director

UX & design, hockey card generator for SIF:

A place where you can generate your own custom hockey cards.

People People People:

Site (and part of branding team) for the agency network People People People.

Site for Avalanche Studios:

A modular and customizable CMS and module-based design was required to host the breadth of games Avalanche makes.

UX and concept for Toca Life Mix:

Creating a fun and interactive news feed to complement the Toca Boca apps. We built a custom CMS, which almost works as a design tool for the editors.

Branding, naming and concept for the blockchain-startup Superblocks:

We developed a custom alphabet based on their vision of a platform of endless possibilities.

Site for LM Law:

A new digital home with the goal of preserving the heritage but at the same time feel very modern.

Updated brand and art direction for Kvarnen:

Martin Schmetzer drew the new logo by hand, just like it was originally made.

A new palette, typeface and imagery was also incorporated.

Branding for The Domain Was Taken:

The logotype was designed as a moving flag that comes to life in digital formats.

UX/UI and concept for Kulturarenan:

Designed around a target group in elderly homes and hospitals.